Our involvement: Wear your photometry simulation software and rendering of images based on the physics of the interaction photon-matter on massively distributed architecture like CLISTINE machine and HPC clusters CPUs and / or GPUs and featuring a high-performance communication network and operating in the Linux environment.

Vision simulation

The use of the SPEOS technology even extends to most of today’s car paints and interiors, as well as aircraft cockpits, control rooms and passenger cabins. SPEOS simulates the human vision within a virtual illuminated environment, and get ultra-realistic visualization images of what a person will see. Thanks to this simulation, you can easily maximize the visibility and readability of information, improve comfort and safety, and even more, optimize perceived quality.


Simply create a digital mockup of your system and turn the light on. SPEOS generates the exact visual aspect of your product as your customers will see it, thanks to our realistic physiological human vision model. Thanks to a high resolution visualization in high dynamics, you benefit from a reliable and high-end visualization of your product. With this virtual prototype, instantly accelerate your decision-making process and create the best designs.


 Simulate any interface and lit information as for aerospace cockpits
Simulate any interface and lit information as for aerospace cockpits
Bentley console: simulation of reflections and lit commands
Measure the intensity of your lighting and view the final result as your customer would


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